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Secret Prototypes Leaked

Greeting fellow console cowgirls and -boys. Today I will reveal some real nuggets. So put your privacy shield up and get into a quiet corner, as you sure don't want to spread word too far. Our special envoy going by the handle of Acid was not expecting much when scouting out a small black market in Serbia. However, after downing a couple of rakijas to blend in with the locals, she found out that a small group of edge runners is working on a rogue cyberdeck. While corpos sure won't like that, they managed to stay undetected so far.


From what Acid could gather, the cyberdeck seems to have potential, but is still in a prototype state. Rumours say, the Cyberdeck might be released alongside a programming framework for a selected group of netrunners attending a conference called BalCCon. It looks like its creators want to harvest the creativity of them to get the most out of this device while keeping low profile. Acid managed to gain the trust of the group to reserve some prototypes for people interested in attending the event. However, the edgerunners did not allow her to take pictures or gave her any information about the deck. But Acid would not be Acid if she didn't at least try to get you more information. She could snag a couple of pictures before almost being caught. It looks like the cyberdeck features rudimentary inputs, a display and some sort of wireless connectivity. Also a USB-C connector is visible on the board, so make sure to bring your USB-C cable if you manage to get one!

Get ready to chippin' in


BCD Circle side.jpg
BCD Circle top.jpg
BCD Close Chip.jpg
BCD Close Input.jpg
BCD Close Multiplex.jpg